VISIONS/Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired is a nonprofit vision rehabilitation and social service organization. VISIONS purpose is to develop and implement individualized programs to assist people who are blind and visually impaired of all ages to lead independent and active lives, and to educate the public to understand their capabilities and needs.

Whether working directly in the home or community; at VISIONS at Selis Manor in Manhattan; or at VISIONS Center on Blindness (VCB), our fully-accessible residential rehabilitation facility in Rockland County, legally blind participants of all ages living in the five boroughs of NYC, Long Island, Westchester, and the Lower Hudson Valley will receive the highest quality services from our licensed and certified staff.

Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law


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    All of VISIONS services are offered at no charge to participants, thanks to government & foundation grants, and private donations

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    Our programs are tailored to the specific needs of our participants, no matter how complex those needs are

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    We offer services in 16 languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese dialects, Russian, and American Sign Language (ASL)

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    1 in 3 VISIONS staff members are blind or have a visual impairment

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    VISIONS Workforce Program remains #1 in New York State in helping blind/visually impaired people to get jobs, 8 years running!

VISIONS Free Services:

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    Vision Rehabilitation Training

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    Adjustment to Blindness Counseling

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    Job Training and Job Placement

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    Virtual Youth and Work Readiness

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    Assistive Technology Training

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    Year-Round VCB Family Sessions

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    VISIONS Center on Aging

  • Icon of a person pushing another person in a wheelchair.

    Unpaid Caregiver Support

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    Blindline® Information & Referral Center

VISIONS Board of Directors

Robert Schonbrunn President, LionChair, Development Committee, Executive Committee, and Oversight Committee; Trustee, Fund For The Blind
Nancy T. JonesPast PresidentChair, Special Events Committee; Trustee, Fund For The Blind
Cynthia Stuen, PhDVice President, LionChair, Program Committee
Burton M. Strauss, Jr.TreasurerChair, Finance Committee
Kenneth J. GralakAssistant Treasurer, LionChair, Audit Committee
Denise RabinowitzSecretaryChair, Legal/Bequests Committee
Sheldon I. BergDirectorChair, Nominating Committee
Jyotika BishtDirectorAudit, HR/DEIA, Program, and Strategic Planning Committees
Sherilyn CasianoDirectorDevelopment, and Program Committees
Ken DruckerDirectorHR/DEIA, and Program Committees
Dr. Andrew S. FisherDirectorDevelopment, Finance, and Program Committees
Lucius L. FowlerDirectorTrustee, Fund For The Blind
Frances FreedmanDirector, LionDevelopment, Nominating and Board Development, and Branding/Website Committees
Gloria FuDirectorAudit, and Development Committees
Robert HeidenbergDirectorChair, Real Estate Committee, and Member of Golf & Tennis Committee
Steven E. KentDirectorProgram Committee
Theodore P. KlingosDirectorTrustee, Fund For The Blind
Dr. James McGroartyDirector, LionProgram, Golf/Tennis, and Strategic Planning Committees
Jagadish B. RaoDirectorLions Past District Governor
Peter A. RoffmanDirectorChair, Strategic Planning Committee
Anusha SharmaDirectorChair, Benefits/Human Resources Committee
Rebecca ZarettDirectorReal Estate Committee

VISIONS Management Team

Sylvia Stinson-PerezExecutive Director/CEOsperez@visionsvcb.org(212) 625-1616 ext. 116
Natalia S. YoungChief Operating Officernsy@visionsvcb.org(212) 625-1616 ext. 120
Khadija BariDirector of Placement Serviceskbari@visionsvcb.org(212) 625-1616 ext. 112
Deanna CalamusaDirector of Career Servicesmailto:dcalamusa@visionsvcb.org(212) 625-1616 ext. 156
Carlos CabreraChief Financial Officerccabrera@visionsvcb.org(212) 625-1616 ext. 121
Ruben CoellarChief Program Officerrcoellar@visionsvcb.org(212) 625-1616 ext. 124
Mike CushChief Program Officermcush@visionsvcb.org(212) 625-1616 Ext.139
Mandy GheorgheSenior Department Managermgheorghe@visionsvcb.org(212) 625-1616 ext. 127
Amy GordonSenior Director of Fundraising Initiativesamygor2@aol.com
Heather Hanlon-EmekaSenior Director of Workforce Programshemeka@visionsvcb.org(212) 625-1616 ext. 108
Bill HixsonSenior Director of Rehabilitation Serviceswhixson@visionsvcb.org(212) 625-1616 ext. 145
Queenie LauDirector of HR Operationsqlau@visionsvcb.org(212) 625-1616 ext. 161
Russell C. MartelloChief Development Officerrmartello@visionsvcb.org(212) 625-1616 ext. 128
Cathleen McGuireSenior Director of Rehabilitation & Outreachcmcguire@visionsvcb.org(212) 625-1616 ext. 133
Ryan MelendezDirector of Marketing / Communicationrmelendez@visionsvcb.org(212) 625-1616 ext. 135
Taisha OrtizDirector of Social Worktortiz@visionsvcb.org(212) 625-1616 ext. 102
Carmen RiveraIntake Manager/Interpreter Coordinator/
Outreach Specialist
rcarmen@visionsvcb.org(212) 625-1616 ext. 134