Your Support Helps Families of Children With Visual Impairments, Like Clarissa and Millie.

See Their Stories Below:

Photo of Clarissa, a six year old girl, standing next to her mother, Patricia.
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Photo of Millie, an eleven year old girl, standing next to her mother, Ana.
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VISIONS/Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired is a nonprofit vision rehabilitation and social service organization. VISIONS purpose is to develop and implement individualized programs to assist people who are blind and visually impaired of all ages to lead independent and active lives, and to educate the public to understand their capabilities and needs.

Whether working directly in the home or community; at VISIONS at Selis Manor in Manhattan; or at VISIONS Center on Blindness (VCB), our fully-accessible residential rehabilitation facility in Rockland County, legally blind participants of all ages living in the five boroughs of NYC, Long Island, Westchester, and the Lower Hudson Valley will receive the highest quality services from our licensed and certified staff.

What Makes VISIONS Programs for Children Stand Out From the Rest?

While teaching children independent living skills, we also work with their families to learn these same skills while blindfolded, in order to support their child’s training when they return home. We understand the fear and doubt families often have about their child’s future: Will they become independent? Will their visual impairment hold them back? By including families in our free programs from the very beginning, they can better understand their child’s needs and celebrate their abilities.

The fear disappears and confidence takes over!

VISIONS Free Services Include:

Icon of a person using a cane.

Vision Rehabilitation Training

Icon of two people speaking to each other.

Adjustment to Blindness Counseling

Icon of a briefcase.

Job Training and Job Placement

Icon of a person participating in a video call in front of a screen.

Virtual Youth and Work Readiness

Icon of a mouse clicking onto a computer monitor.

Assistive Technology Training

Icon of a child playing as the sun is high in the sky.

Year-Round VCB Family Sessions

Icon of a person helping another person walking with a cane.

VISIONS Center on Aging

Icon of a phone and chat bubbles next to each other.

BlindLine® Information and Referral Center

Your Support Will:


Provide an adult participant with adaptive technology to succeed at work


Provide a participant with a talking labeler to help them identify items in their home


Provide 70 meals to older adults with visual impairments battling food insecurity


Provide a participant with a new mobility cane for safe and easy navigation


Help a young adult navigate safely in their community with mobility lessons


Provide a participant with a large print alarm clock or a talking watch

Why Support VISIONS

All of the services we offer are free of charge

thanks to government & foundation grants, and private donations

87¢ of every dollar is spent on programs

with only 13¢ spent on administration and fundraising

We offer services in 16 languages

including English, Spanish, Chinese dialects, Russian, and American Sign Language (ASL)

VISIONS Workforce Program remains #1 in New York State

in helping blind/visually impaired people to get jobs, 6 years running!

Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

If you are interested in other ways to support VISIONS, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Other Ways to Donate

  • Mail a Check to:
    500 Greenwich Street
    Suite 302

    New York, NY 10013

  • Donor Advised Fund
  • Gifts of Appreciated Stock
  • Qualified Charitable Distributions
  • Include VISIONS in your will*

* If you would like to consider naming VISIONS in your will, or making a testamentary gift, simply share the following information with your lawyer:

Legal Name: VISIONS/Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Tax ID: 13-1624210

Address: 500 Greenwich Street, Suite 302, New York, NY 10013

If you have any questions about ways to donate or know of individuals, foundations, or corporations interested in supporting VISIONS, please contact Russell C. Martello, Chief Development Officer at

Donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Other Ways to Support VISIONS

Join a Borough Advisory Board

Grouped by borough, members of VISIONS Advisory Boards help promote the issues important to the agency, represent VISIONS at community events, assist in raising funds to support the amazing work we do, and help solicit new contributors for our annual fundraising events.

Volunteer at Our Older Adult Center

VISIONS Center on Aging in Manhattan is always looking for volunteers. Volunteers may assist participants with reading mail, and other types of written materials, escorting them in the community for shopping and appointments, and helping in a variety of programs (i.e. quilting, arts & crafts, knitting, photography, ceramics, and technology training).

Help Jobseekers Gain Work Skills

There are many ways to help make a difference in the lives of jobseekers with visual impairments:

  • Host an intern
  • Host a training
  • Be a presenter
  • Hire a jobseeker

For more information, contact Heather Hanlon, Senior Director of Workforce Development

Graphic: VISIONS Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Logo

Our Vision is for Everyone to See what is Possible