Hire a Job Seeker

The Workforce Development Department’s objective is to match clients with competitive work experience in their field of interest.

Our commitment to the employer is that we prepare and recommend our work ready clients who we believe will be successful in the position being advertised and who we think will be a good match for your organization. Along with our recommendation, we also strongly encourage that you, the employer, conduct your own interview with the candidate to ensure that they are qualified.

Lady in black helping girl in pink to sew
  • All programs that VISIONS offers are free to the clients that we work with.
  • The clients are provided the appropriate technology to do their job tasks through sponsorship from a New York state vocational rehabilitation Agency, the New York State Commission for the Blind (NYSCB).
  • NYSCB will also provide the employee with any adaptive technology that they may need on the job, at no cost to the employer.
  • There are also hiring incentive programs offered to businesses, who wish to employ one of VISIONS clients, also at no cost to you, the employer.
    • The Work Experience Training Program (WET), is designed for our clients who are currently looking to improve their employment skills in an area they do not have experience in, or because it would help them to acquire successful employment by adding more work experience to their resume.
    • There is no commitment from the employer to hire an individual once their WET has been completed; however, our hope is that the client will have gained enough skills to be considered for a permanent position with your organization.
    • The WET is A 7 to 13-week experience at the employer’s site; where the individual is given competitive tasks along with guidance, to perform and complete them successfully. In addition, they are learning valuable skills to better prepare them for permanent employment. The trainee is provided a stipend through VISIONS while they are enrolled as a WET.
  • VISIONS workforce staff will provide logistical and technical guidance and support to the newly hired client, as needed, as well as ongoing support to clients who are work experience trainees.
  • In addition, your business may qualify for a federal tax incentive for hiring our legally blind clients.

If you are an employer who is interested in diversifying your workforce, and if you would like VISIONS workforce department to help meet your employment needs, or if you would like more information about the tax incentives for hiring people who are legally blind, contact Heather Hanlon-Emeka, Director of Workforce Programs at (212) 625-1616, Extension 108 or, hemeka@visionsvcb.org.