Join Our Board of Directors

Thank you for your interest in joining VISIONS Board of Directors

VISIONS is looking for volunteers to join an active and involved Board of Directors. We are particularly looking for professionals that bring expertise in marketing, public relations, advertising, risk management, special events, ophthalmology, optometry, corporate giving, fund raising, accounting and employment law.

VISIONS seeks to have a Board of Directors that reflects the wide diversity of the New York City metropolitan area especially persons of color, women, blind persons, family and friends of blind persons.

VISIONS Board of Directors

  • 3 year staggered terms of office
  • expectation to attend five Board meetings annually on the second Tuesday of the month at 5:30 pm in September, November, January, March and May
  • The Board meets in midtown Manhattan hosted by a member of the Board.

Duties of Directors

  • ,,Fiduciary oversight
  • Legal oversight
  • Risk Management Oversight
  • Lend Professional Expertise
  • Give or get financial contributions ($3,000 per year or more)
  • Assist with public relations and promoting VISIONS
  • Membership in at least one Committee


  • President
  • Vice Presidents (up to two)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Assistant Treasurer

Board Committees

  • Executive
  • Audit
  • Benefits/Human Resources/DEIA
  • Development
  • Finance
  • Fund for the Blind Trustees (4)
  • Legal
  • Nominating
  • Real Estate
  • Oversight
  • Program
  • Special Events
  • Strategic Planning

Duties of Board Committees

  • Oversee specific area of responsibility
  • Develop and recommend policies to the Board
  • Advise and serve as a resource to the Board and Executive Director/CEO or designee
  • Evaluate progress towards agency goals and strategic plan in their area covered by the committee
  • Provide specialized knowledge

Responsibilities of Committee Chairperson

  • Provide group leadership in planning, executing and assigning the work of the committee
  • Report to the Board on the work of the committee and recommend Board action when necessary

Duties of Committee Members

  • Commit sufficient time to complete committee responsibilities including attending meetings
  • Utilize contacts in furtherance of the goals of the committee
  • Provide expertise in the area of committee work

Responsibilities of Specific Committees

Executive Committee

  • Members are the President, Vice Presidents, Secretary,  Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer
  • Granted authority to act on behalf of the Board between meetings
  • President of the Board is the Chair and determines when meetings are necessary

Audit Committee

  • Oversees integrity of the agency’s financial statements
  • Reviews independent auditor’s qualifications and independence Reviews performance of the independent auditors
  • Provides an open avenue of communication among the independent auditors, financial and senior management and the Board
  • Encourages continuous improvement of, and fosters adherence to, the organization’s accounting and financial reporting policies, procedures and practices in compliance with laws and accounting standards

Benefits/Human Resources/DEIA Committee

  • Review employee benefits and employee matters

Development Committee

  • Promotes awareness of VISIONS by establishing branding and marketing policies
  • Reviews annual report and donor appeals
  • Organizes and provides leadership for new fundraising ideas
  • Works with the Finance Committee to reach revenue goals
  • Leads Capital Campaign by attracting major gifts with Executive Director/CEO or designee

Finance Committee

  • Develops and recommends an annual operating budget
  • Monitors portfolio, selects investment managers
  • Reviews capital expenditures
  • Monitors income, expenditures and variances
  • Liaises with The Fund for the Blind
  • Reviews and approves insurance coverage
  • Reviews executive compensation
  • Adheres to rules of NYPMIFA

Fund for the Blind Trustees

  • Manages all investment activities for the VISIONS Fund for the Blind endowment and chooses the investment managers for the FFB

Legal Committee

  • Determines when retaining outside Counsel is warranted
  • Provides professional expertise and advice regarding legal and bequest issues

Nominating Committee

  • Prepares a slate of nominees when vacancies are to be filled
  • Provides an orientation to new Board members
  • Leads on-going Board recruitment effort
  • Establishes plans to meet Board membership needs

Real Estate Committee

  • Oversees VISIONS participation in 500 Greenwich Street Condo Association activities
  • Advises the Executive Director/CEO in her role as a member of the Condo Association Board

Oversight Committee

  • Administers the agency’s conflict of interest policy and whistleblower policy
  • Investigates and resolves all complaints and other matters arising under the VISIONS conflict of interest and whistleblower policies
  • Encourages continuous improvement of, and fosters adherence to, the organization’s compliance policies, procedures and practices

Program Committee

  • To ensure fiscal sustainability monitors all program contracts
  • Develops awareness of VISIONS programs and services
  • Meets periodically with staff
  • Review compliance with all program contracts
  • Assists with recruiting volunteers
  • Responds to the special interest needs of the Lions Clubs
  • Reviews potential program risks and advises how to best manage them

Special Events Committee (Including Golf)

  • Recommends fundraising events to the Board
  • Designs publicity plans for events and solicits support
  • Enters into agreements needed to operate Board events

Strategic Planning Committee

  • Formulates long-range five-year plan
  • Analyzes the need for services, the external environment and the financial and programmatic capability
  • Defines, approves and sets the goals and policies to achieve the plan


For more information about joining VISIONS Board of Directors, please contact VISIONS Executive Director/CEO

Sylvia Stinson-Perez

Executive Director/CEO
VISIONS/Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired

500 Greenwich Street, Suite 302
New York, NY 10013

Office: (212) 625-1616 ext. 116