Virtual VCB

VCB Is Going Virtual!

Since 1926, VISIONS Center on Blindness (VCB) has catered to the needs and abilities of people with visual impairments and has offered year-round programs focused on adaptive living, orientation & mobility, and adaptive technology instruction in a safe, nurturing environment that promotes collaboration, social interaction, and healthy living.

VCB has primarily been a residential rehabilitation center. However, due to COVID-19, our staff has had to make the difficult decision to suspend many of our weekend programs until further notice. This decision was made over a period of many discussions and over several weeks and is in the best interests of our participants and staff so that everyone can remain as safe and healthy as possible. This is why we are proud to announce that not only are some of VCB's most popular programs going virtual, but VCB programs will now be open to any adult (18 years or older) with a visual impairment, regardless of whether or not they have registered with the New York State Commission for the Blind (NYSCB)!

The switch to open and virtual programming allows even more potential participants to learn new skills in a collaborative environment, meet new people sharing similar experiences, and grow our amazing community!

Virtual VCB Activities Include

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Interactive Games

Games include Jeopardy, Trivia, and Family Feud, among others.

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Discussion Groups

Discussions include self-advocacy, adjusting to blindness, and more.

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Health & Wellness

These include yoga, stretching, and mindful meditation.

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Activities include guest speakers, poetry readings, and talent showcases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is This Program For?

Virtual VCB programs are available to individuals who are blind or visually impaired over the age of 18. This program does not have an age cap.

Is This Program Free?

Virtual VCB sessions are completely free for participants. Additionally, participants do not need to be registered with the NYS Commission for the Blind.

How Do Virtual VCB Sessions Run?

Participants will use their own devices to access Virtual VCB sessions over Zoom. Assistive Technology instructors are on call to help with installing and using Zoom.

How Are Sessions Scheduled?

Virtual VCB sessions run from 1:00-4:00 PM. The first half focuses on educational topics, while the latter half offers fun activities.

What If Participants Do Not Have Access to the Internet?

Participants can call into Virtual VCB sessions! Once a participant registers, they will receive a link to attend the session over Zoom, and a phone number in case there are any connection issues.

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Help Support Future Virtual VCB Sessions

Virtual VCB sessions are free to participants, but unfortunately, run at a deficit to VISIONS. Unlike other VCB programs, this program does not receive any government support. We offer Virtual VCB sessions to support the social-emotional needs of our community and introduce participants to the many additional free services VISIONS offers, including Orientation and Mobility (O&M), Assistive Technology instruction, and Job Placement/Training.

When you make a donation to VISIONS (any amount is greatly appreciated), you not only fund this Summer's Virtual VCB sessions, but you help support future virtual programs as COVID-19 continues preventing agencies (like VISIONS) from offering in-person instruction.

VISIONS spends 89ยข of every dollar donated on free programs (like this one), and services enjoyed by nearly 7,000 individuals annually!

Would you like to help VISIONS fund more free programs for people with visual impairments?