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Do you have a fond VISIONS memory, a staff member you would like to shout out for going above and beyond, or some positive feedback about a service you received? Share it with us to be featured on our website and newsletter.

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500 Greenwich Street, Suite 302, New York, NY 10013

Thank you so much for finding space for me this weekend. It was very special to me more ways than you'll ever know. I got the chance to see my friends. That I haven't seen in years. And also I got to see soom new staff and some old staff as well. I thank you for also blessing me with such a wonderful clean lovely beautiful dorm room 7. My room was so big and beautiful where two beds One bed for me, the other bed for my suitcase. And the bathroom was nice and big and beautiful too. As usual, the staff was so wonderful to help and also let me know when it's time time to go in my room and rest. I only hope the next time I come I get the same room again.

A review of VCB Camp for the blind, disable daily.

Aside from the experience with the friends, staff waiting for you at 135 West 23rd Street for the bus to go to the camp at Rockland County, I also loved the green grass and trees on the campgrounds.

The permanent bowling alleys are very nice. with comfortable beds and an attached bathroom. They sit right inside of the camp dormitory for me for the weekend, and you can also hear the water running from the swimming pool, lapping, and the frogs and birds chattering away. I'm not forgetting the beautiful fresh air too. Very cool!

The main area has comfy sofas and a dining area where I had my meals. The food was wonderful. The staff was like my sisters, brothers, and my family. Very super friendly and took such good care of me. In between watching the feedings and doing the health walk, I hung out in the main area or around my room that they built for us. (dorm 6), watching birds and the very shy reindeers. Nature sounds too.

It was an incredible experience, so I would like to say thank you to Miss Krystal and thank you too, Miss Jennifer and all staff for a wonderful weekend summertime experience. God bless you. Let the Lord keep your funding coming in and never run out. Amen.

Randall B.Gillis

After many, many months of waiting, I was finally interviewed last week by Michexa Belizaire. Michexa was not only extremely knowledgeable about VISIONS services but was also most patient and thorough in explaining their benefits to a potential recipient. How fortunate you are to have such an outstanding employee!

Sincerely yours,

Nan C.

I just wanted to take the time to thank you again for all you do. My family, especially my dad is grateful for you and a place like VISIONS. We received the air conditioner and it's working wonders in this heatwave. My dad misses you all at VISIONS. He can't wait to get back. He gets so bored at home. Enjoy your day!!



I was delighted to receive a hard copy of this amazing book from a friend.  My husband of 40 years, who was profoundly myopic from birth and developed a form of macular degeneration specific to extreme myopia, loved to cook.  What a great gift this is, not just for the blind or sight challenged, but for anyone who loves to cook.  Even if you don’t, it offers great options in all categories for entertaining or simply preparing a delicious family meal.

The recipes are beautifully laid out in a uniform and attractive format - love that - and the ingredients clearly defined not just in quantity but with any additional explanation needed for the not-so-experienced.  All instructions are clear and the ingredients can be found easily.  How many of us have cookbooks on our shelves that we will never use because they are too complicated or contain unheard of ingredients?  Away with them!

This is an ideal cookbook for all ages.  At a not so young age it has given me some fresh ideas and got me out of a rut and experimenting anew.

Thank you for this awesome book.

Lesley G.

My name is Sophie, I am a client in the Caregivers program. I want to tell you about my social worker who I have, her name is Avian Perez. When I get the call out of the blue from your agency, she was very warm and sincere with me. She listened to my needs, and always promised to help me, and call me back. She told me she was new to the agency, and that she was in school, but she didn’t let that stop her from working so hard for me. I have worked with many people in social services, and I must say she is a true gem. She is so caring, and I feel she has made such an impact on my life. She has helped me get items to use around my home to be safe and got me an aide to take me shopping. She is more than an intern; she has always taken the time to treat me like a human and make me feel so understood. For her it may be a job, but to me I see her as a blessing. I am writing this because she told me her time is coming to an end and she will be leaving VISIONS soon, I was very upset to hear that as I enjoy working with her, as I am sure many are. I want to tell VISIONS they need more people like Avian, and I hope this can get into the hands of someone who can make this happen for her and make her a permanent social worker in VISIONS.

Warm regards,
Sophie D.

Dear Mr. Hixson,

I'm writing this letter to thank you for reaching out to me regarding my son’s nomination by Iman Hanafi for a donation from Sons and Daughters of Italy of $750.00. I appreciate Kathy and you coming out to meet my son and to present us with the gift cards. I am grateful for this donation from the bottom of my heart as it will help to get my son toys, clothes, books and other things that he needs to continue to progress in his development.

Thanks again for the donation from the Sons and Daughters of Italy as it will help

my son tremendously with his needs.

Wanda A.

My dad and I wanted to thank you very much for all the help and aid you provided to my dad. You are so kind and thoughtful and gentle with my dad, and it is all so very appreciated. Best wishes for a happy and safe holiday.

Rena K.

This note is meant to thank your great organization and staff for the wonderful work you do; for the supply of the most helpful and well thought out items, making our life and function bearable. Your employees are giving so much of themselves, cheerfulness, knowledge, and devotion, especially in today's tough times it is even more appreciated.

Let me wish you continued success, with best wishes and thank yous

Rita M.