Visually Impaired Education Program

Graphic: An illustration shows a woman holding a cane standing next to her guide dog wearing a Guiding Eyes collar. Text above reads: "V.I.E.P. Visually Impaired Education Program."

Are you a camp owner, troop leader, non-profit organization, or summer school looking for a great educational activity for kids this summer?

Help your students learn about the blind community with the Visually Impaired Education Program (V.I.E.P.)

V.I.E.P.’s mission is to educate and engage school aged children through classroom interaction with the blind/visually impaired community; helping diminish pre-imposed stereotypes associated with blindness.

V.I.E.P.’s Unique Programming Educates Kids About:

  • Terminology relating to blindness & visual impairments
  • Etiquette for interacting with the blind/visually impaired community

  • Braille & adaptive technology

  • The role of guide dogs and proper interaction with service animals

  • How to become an effective “Disability Ally”

You can now schedule a V.I.E.P. Zoom session with Holly Bonner, a legally blind mother and mental health professional, and her guide dog, Frances! Each program runs for 30 minutes, with 15 minutes allotted for Q&A.

To book your V.I.E.P session, contact Holly at hbonner@visionsvcb.org

If you are pleased with the V.I.E.P. session, please consider making a donation to VISIONS/Services for the Blind & Visually Impaired, a non-profit that provides free vision rehabilitation and social services to more than 7,000 individuals annually. To donate, visit www.visionsvcb.org/donate