Department of Workforce Development

VISIONS Department of Workforce Development administers programs related to employment and technology, to prepare legally blind clients to enter, or re-enter the workforce.   The common goal of the workforce team is to identify and assist clients with applying for jobs that are commensurate with their interest, skill, and education.  To this end, we offer a full complement of technology and work readiness training, job placement services and career preparation. Services are offered at the 500 Greenwich Street Office, at VISIONS at Selis Manor 135 W. 23rd Street in Chelsea and VISIONS Center on Blindness in Spring Valley, NY. In addition, the workforce department conducts employer awareness events designed to give employers a better sense of the capabilities of blind job seekers.

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Job Placement Services

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Staff conducts a very thorough assessment to determine the best job match for the client as well as the employer. Jobs that VISIONS clients have obtained or kept include:

  • Teacher
  • Nurse
  • Ski instructor
  • Park ranger
  • Janitor
  • Director of Development
  • Call Center Representative
  • Massage Therapist
  • College Professor
  • Teacher Aide
  • Nurse’s Aide
  • Social Worker
  • Language Interpreter

To find out more, contact

Michael Cush

Senior Director of Workforce Development 

(212) 625-1616 Ext. 139

Work Readiness Training

Commonly known as “soft skills” training, these workshops are held in both residential and non-residential settings, where job-seekers are trained in best practices for resume-writing, financial literacy, career planning, and additional preparation for the world of work. Job seekers attend networking events, career fairs, and visit employers at their place of business.

Work Experience Training (WET)

Work experience training gives adult job seekers and college students the opportunity to gain current and relevant experience in an actual work setting. These WETs usually last between 8 and 13 weeks, and are at no cost to the employer!  WET interns receive a stipend that covers transportation, meals, clothing and other internship related costs.

College to Careers Program

VISIONS College to Careers program offers college students intensive group, and one-on-one training, that will enable them to build their job readiness, socialization and employment skills. Program staff identifies a variety of employers who can provide internships to build student’s job skills as well as offer competitive employment for scholars who successfully complete the program.

Basic and advanced computer literacy

The department offers clients an introduction to keyboarding and to computer applications (Internet, email, word-processing, spreadsheet and database management) on the Windows, MAC and Google platforms. This training is conducted in either group or one-to-one settings for job seekers, college students and seniors.

Vocational Technology Training

Includes advanced training in Microsoft Office products, the MAC operating system and the Google Suite. Advanced training is usually conducted in a one-to-one setting and is customized to the specific needs of the client.

Fully Engaged

The client and the NYS Commission for the Blind vocational rehabilitation counselor are fully engaged in the job seeking process.  Because our primary goal is to help clients prepare for long-term career growth, we work collaboratively to promote and foster independence.

To learn more about work readiness training, work experience training or if you are an employer and would like to conduct a mock interview, host a visit to your worksite for one of our training groups, or host a trainee at your place of business, free of charge contact: Heather Hanlon-Emeka, Director of Workforce Programs at, or (212) 625-1616, Extension 108.