VCB Family Weeks

For every session, families will have the chance to learn together through specialized activities in a fun environment; including all of VCB’s facilities such as the pool and gym! Participants will receive training in large and small groups from Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapists/Orientation and Mobility Specialists, and Teachers for the Blind focused on activities of daily living and safe navigation. Workshops will also be held for parents to provide information and resources to support your child.

Summer 2023 Family Weeks:

Photo of an orientation and mobility instructor guiding a boy along a concrete path.

Rehabilitation & Recreation

Come learn valuable, independent skills for everyday life, such as making snacks and money management, but with a fun recreational twist! This program is recommended for youth ages 6-9.

August 12th-16th

Photo of a baby boy sitting in front of a pile of colorful plastic balls.

First Steps

Dip your toe into the world of rehabilitation during this program designed to expose participants to new activities in an engaging and comforting environment! This program is recommended for participants ages 0-5 or for participants with multiple disabilities including Cortical Vision Impairment (CVI) through age 21.

August 19th-23rd

Photo of a young girl (left) adding cheese to the top of her handmade pizza as an instructor (right) watches.

Teens and Tweens

It’s never too early to start thinking about what you might want to be when you grow up! Join us as we explore pre-vocational skills through team building exercises and group activities! This program is recommended for participants ages 10-13.

August 26th-30th

Ready to Get Started?

To request information on how to register for VCB's Family Week sessions, please contact Cathleen McGuire, Senior Director of Rehabilitation and Outreach by e-mail ( or by phone: 212-625-1616, ext. 133

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