VCB Family Week

VISIONS offers two 1-week programs for families at our Rockland County VCB facility. The programs are for children with legal blindness and their family including parents, siblings and other significant caregivers in the child’s life. Our Family weeks allow children with vision loss to participate in vision rehabilitation training with other children with vision loss.  The parents and families are offered group sessions and afforded the opportunity to meet other families in similar situations to their own.


Typically held the last two weeks in August.  The programs are free to participants.  VISIONS will provide free transportation from 135 W. 23rd street facility (VISIONS at Selis Manor) to our rustic VISIONS Center on Blindness.  Special needs transportation for blind wheelchair users is addressed on case by case basis.  Programming is based on the needs of the child with vision loss.

First Steps Program

Designed for children up to the age of 5 years old or for children with vision loss and other/multiple disabilities.  VISIONS offers training for parents of children with cortical visual impairment (CVI) and specialized programming during this session.

Rehab & Rec

Designed for children 6 to 9 years old who are functioning at age level.  VISIONS also offers a Tween Pre-Vocational program during this week.  The Pre-Vocational program offers career exploration and the social skills need to help blind tweens develop and achieve their goals in life.

With support and high expectations from their parents/guardians and caregivers, blind children and children with multiple disabilities achieve success in greater independence and meeting developmental goals.

To join us this summer click the button below to fill out our VCB Family Week Session Request form.  Please note, this button will take you to a Google form

For More Information, Contact:

Cathleen McGuire

212-625-1616 ext. 133

Bill Hixson

212-625-1616 ext. 145