Vocational Rehabilitation Center (VRC)

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VISIONS residential vocational rehabilitation center (VRC) is a newly built 16,000 square foot, 32-bed, two-story wheelchair accessible building designed specifically for residential programs for youth and adults with vision loss. Located on the 37-acre campus of VISIONS Center on Blindness (VCB) in Rockland County, NY, the VRC offers a state of the art technology and computer center, a fully equipped training kitchen and laundry facilities, classrooms and meeting rooms, dining hall and several lounges promoting informal gatherings and peer support.

Residential facilities

consist of single and double rooms, all including their own private bathroom, desks, telephone and individual thermostat. Wi-Fi is available throughout the entire building.

We serve

students who are legally blind or severely visually impaired age 18 up to their 22 birthday who have completed high school, are unsure about college or vocational training and/or withdrew or failed in college.

Upon graduation

from the VRC, students are equipped with the skills necessary to search for, obtain and maintain employment in their chosen occupation. In addition, they will be in possession of a certificate directly related to occupations, such as Nurse's Aide, Teacher Assistant, Administrative Professional, Web Developer, etc.

Life Preperation

The residential nature of the program offers a holistic college-type experience to help prepare students for their next steps in life with support and encouragement of their peers.

The VRC utilizes a curriculum with professionals and educators who have significant experience working with visually impaired youth; plus:

  • The curriculum focuses on the five elements of PRE-ETS, including job exploration counseling
  • work-based learning experiences
  • post-secondary education
  • workplace readiness training
  • self-advocacy
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Partnership with Rockland County Community College and Rockland County BOCES

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VISIONS partnership with Rockland County Community College and Rockland County BOCES enables students to not only complete classes and develop skills in the categories described above, but to also achieve professional certificates in programs including, but not limited to:

Certified Nursing Assistant (Certification is Reciprocal with other States)

Certified Teacher Assistant

Food Preparation

Mobile Web Development and Webmaster (National)

Administrative Professional and many more.

A day in the life at VRC

Each day at the VRC starts with breakfast at 8:00 am and the instructional day extends until 7:30 pm. Depending on the individual certificate courses selected, students may have classes on the community campus until 9:00 pm on designated days. Weekends consist of instructional sessions in the morning and organized leisure time and/or shopping trips in the afternoon.

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Emotional Intelligence

What makes the VRC program more unique, is our emphasis on emotional intelligence, which impacts the way we offer instruction and measure results. Preparing blind and visually impaired youth for the world of work, VISIONS staff focus on projects requiring teamwork and collaboration, negotiation and project completion.

To get more information and/or to apply for services, contact:

Carmen Thorne
VCB Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator
212-625-1616 x 107

Ruben Coellar
Chief Program Officer
212-625-1616 x 124